Meet The Team

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

CraigTechnical Director

Craig founded the company in 2016 but has been working with fireworks and designing displays for over 10 years.

His passion and technical skills are what sets him, and the business, apart. A quick chat with him is sure to get you excited about your display.

As a family man, Craig jumps at the chance to add sparkle to every family event. Any excuse to use fireworks and he gets more excited than the kids!

Craig is hands-on with every display, making sure that every customer gets the very best we have to offer no matter the event. He is totally dedicated to providing the perfect display for each client.

Put simply: Craig eats, sleeps, and breathes fireworks!

JennyCreative Director

Jenny is the brains behind the operational side of the business. She takes care of the admin but, more importantly, is our link to you, the customer. She is on-hand to make sure everyone gets the very best from the experience.

Jenny also gets her hands dirty. She assists in the design and setup of all the displays, often adding the female touches and remembering those little details that the guys do not.

Keeping everyone focused is an important part of her job. From making sure all safety guidelines are being followed to positioning the crowd and photographer, she has a hand in all aspects of the display, ensuring they go off without a hitch.

Jenny loves fireworks and, being a bonfire baby, they are part of who she is!